Gerry's News Digest (English)

GarethHughesOnce a month, Gerry takes a look at stories in the news in Britain, Switzerland and around the world. He comments on stories and topics in the media. He deals with things that affect us all in a personal way and gets us thinking about topical issues. This podcast is for learners at B2 level or above. 

Gerry's News Digest is for more advanced users of English (at level B2 and above). The English is not simplified in any way. In his News Digest Gerry takes a personal look at some of the stories and topics from the news media in Britain, Switzerland and around the world. Sometimes it's the big political stories of the day, but more often he deals with things that affect us all in a more personal way - social issues, health matters, fashion, sport or culture. Anything that might catch your interest and get you thinking.





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Gerry’s News Digest 192: Post-truth, FIFA and poppies, Body on the Moor Pt 4 (2nd December, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 191: Untidy desks, Aberfan and The Body on the Moor Pt 3 (4th November, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 190: Postal votes, English schools, Body on the Moor Pt 2 (7th October, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 189: Brexit means Brexit, the Olympics, a mystery (9th September, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 188: Brexit, the Queen and the football fans (1st July, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 187: Referendum news, high heels trouble, sugar tax (3rd June, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 186: Sicilian driving culture, luck and punctuation (9th May, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 185: The 1916 Easter Rising, parental leave, NZ referendum (8th April, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 184: Referendum, British eating & drinking trends, new words (11th March, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 183: A wrong word, Millennials, a car story, a bike story (12th February, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 182: Predictions, leadership problems, alcohol and Swiss tipping (15th January, 2016)
Gerry’s News Digest 181: VAT, from rags to pads, Syria (18th December, 2015)
Gerry’s News Digest 180: State visits, energy policy, a church ad and Hillary (4th December, 2015)
Gerry’s News Digest 179: Tipping, anti-social hours, medals and refugee photos (20th November, 2015)
Gerry’s News Digest 178: Sugar, Westminster repairs and a rant about US jargon (6th November, 2015)